A Deep Thirst to Make Direct Impacts in Our Society – Interview with Adam Lobel

This morning I had another conversation with Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel. He shared his experience about being part of the planning team for the upcoming “Imagining Peace” events, and sharing our Shambhala Vision of a society based on Basic Goodness with co-organizers working to combat youth violence in Chicago.

Click on the plus sign to listen to the 5-minute recording.

Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel Interview – 7 March 2013

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3 Responses to A Deep Thirst to Make Direct Impacts in Our Society – Interview with Adam Lobel

  1. So exciting. As long as we truly practice mindfulness-awareness and loving kindness as we engage, we will be able to contribute. To be in embodied presence for pain and delight, to come from not-knowing, to deeply listen, to feel and allow space – these skills are so deeply needed and appreciated.

  2. NGO’s and civil society have been working in these fields for a long time and it is heartening to see us at the table at last.
    I hope we can continue in this direction and help many people. At the same time unless we have a real understanding and experience of the Buddhist and Shambhala principles we wont be doing much good.

  3. This is really exciting. We are launching into the world, in such a wonderful way. May it be of great benefit, and may we learn a lot!

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