Can you suggest films for Shambhala Film Soirées?

I am inspired to start a Shambhala Film Soirée tradition in my home over the winter, inviting people to eat and drink together, and watch films that spark conversation about Shambhala vision. They can either communicate Shambhala principles directly, or sometimes expose setting sun mentality in an insightful way.  I would love it if you could suggest movies that you have been particularly impressed by!

I’ll start us off with a few of my favourites. Please add to the list by posting in the comments field below.

The Lives of Others (German: “Das Leben der Anderen” with English subtitles):  This movie does both.  It illustrates, very powerfully, the transformation that human beings are capable of when basic goodness is experienced.  Set in East Berlin.
Bagdad Café (also known as Out of Rosenheim) is a 1987 German film directed by Percy Adlon.
Babette’s Feast (DanishBabettes gæstebud) is a 1987 Danish drama film directed by Gabriel Axel.

7 Responses to Can you suggest films for Shambhala Film Soirées?

  1. “Delicious Peace Grows”. Excellent short (40min) film about the formation of a coffee cooperative in strife torn Uganda among Jewish, Christian and Muslim farmers.

  2. The Station Agent

    The Station Agent is a 2003 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Thomas McCarthy. McCarthy’s script about a man who seeks solitude in an abandoned train station in the Newfoundland section of Rockaway Township, New Jersey and won him the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay.

  3. “Departures” (Japanese, I believe)
    & “Enlightenment Guaranteed” (German)
    Both would be excellent choices.

  4. Carolyn Mandelker

    Thank you!!!!

  5. Ana van Heukelom

    “As it is in Heaven”

    It’s a Shambhala film because the main character connects with his basicgoodness again, going back to his home town through music and love. It portrays enlightened society.

  6. Carolyn Mandelker

    Thanks Kirstie! Looking forward to watching those!

  7. “Off the Map” with Sam Elliot (2003)
    Beautiful, beautiful film:

    “Stranger Than Fiction” with Will Ferrell and Dustin Hoffman (2006)
    Farrell plays an unusually serious character in this out of the box film:

    Two of my all-time favorites – ENJOY!

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