A few fun facts from the Office of Practice and Education

In the photo collage of Kalapa Executives, you will see that there are two conspicuously blank squares – they are holding the place for two key positions that are currently unfunded, and therefore unfilled. That doesn’t mean that no work is being done in those areas, however! Today I want to give you a few fun facts about the work being done in the Office of Practice of Education by our two “peonies” (get it? P&E!), Jill Scott and Maggie Colby.

PeonyLast year, the Office of Practice and Education reviewed and processed approximately 700 applications for advanced programs, including Warrior Assemblies, Enlightened Society Assemblies, Sacred World Assembly, Rigden Abhisheka, and Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 1.

And Maggie, our International Programs Manager, reports the following statistics about her work to support our advanced international programs around the world, recorded since last March:

  • Number of 2012 International Programs worked on: 17.
  • Emails sent between March and October 2012: approximately 2500.
  • Number of international programs attended in a working capacity:  8.
  • Days spent working on location at those programs:  75.
  • Staff meetings attended at those programs:  128.
  • Travel hours logged (in the air and on the road):  90.
  • Beds slept in (alone!):  15.
  • Number of banquets/feasts attended:  10.
  • Number of banquet toasts and offerings present for:  38.

Whew! That’s a lot of staff meetings. Want to see other fun facts? Let me know in the comments!

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