A Steady Smile: David Brown

Many of you have likely corresponded over the years with Mr. David Brown, the longest-serving employee of Shambhala! At 6’3″, he is also the tallest employee of Shambhala. And here’s a little quiz for you to respond to in the comments: what does David Brown have in common with Steve McQueen, Cole Porter, and Michael Jackson?

As Executive Secretary to the Sakyong, David responds to daily communications, correspondences, audience requests and queries directed to the Sakyong and Shambhala, making sure that requests for interviews, audiences, transmissions, and letters of support, are all responded to appropriately. He responds to queries regarding the authorization of the use of written materials, calligraphies, poetry, and photographs of the Sakyong. He also oversees the Sakyong’s daily and annual schedules of teaching and travel, and ensures that important materials of the Sakyong are archived and recorded – watch this video for a wonderful example!

You might not know that David is also an accomplished artist, or that he spends all year getting ready for April Fool’s Day – it’s coming soon…

4 Responses to A Steady Smile: David Brown

  1. Carolyn Mandelker

    And the answer is….
    They are all from Indiana!

  2. Meg Vigerstad

    Was David Brown born in . . . . Indiana?

  3. David is related to all of them.

  4. I’m guessing that the list could include “also-rans” such as:
    Amelia Earhart
    John Dillinger
    Jimmy Hoffa
    Oroville Redenbacher
    Colonel Sanders
    and Axl Rose
    The resemblance is astonishing!

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