Hooray for Shambhala Chicago and Shambhala Boston!

I am so inspired by the partnerships that the Sakyong and our Shambhala Centres have forged recently in Chicago and Boston. We are really taking major steps outwards, and engaging with our wider communities. 

As a result, 16 front-line community organizations in Chicago are now receiving meditation instruction to help their staff on the streets and in the city’s troubled classrooms. “Shambhala is a great resource for our city,” one of their leaders told the Sakyong last month.

Click the ‘play’ arrow below to listen to a 9-minute audio interview with Acharya Arawana Hayashi, who speaks of her experience of being at the recent Chicago events with the Sakyong.

In Boston, Shambhala is engaging with the Arlington Street Church. The church will be running a multi- week course on The Shambhala Principle. The Sakyong gave a public talk there recently on the anniversary of the marathon bombing. Reverend Kim sprang a surprise ‘thank you’ to the Sakyong at the end of the evening: the church’s historic bells rang out with the Shambhala Anthem over the city! Click the ‘play’ arrow below to listen to this surprising rendition of the Shambhala Anthem on church bells!

I’d love to hear experiences from any of you who were also present in either Chicago or Boston, if you’d like to leave a comment!

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  1. Anna Weinstein

    Hi Taylor – I am not having that issue (the recording plays fine for me). What browser are you using? And at what point is it cutting off?

    And other readers who may see this – are any of you having the same issue? I will try my best to troubleshoot!

  2. Greetings Carolyn – I tried to listen to the recording with Acharya Hyashi and it has some technical difficulties with cutting off and starting over. Just thought you would like to know.

    Warm regards, Taylor

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