Harvesting Peace in 2015

I’ve been so inspired to watch as centres and Shambhalians turn the flower outward more and more. In honour of Harvest of Peace 2015, I made a short video of a few brief examples of Shambhala engagement – enjoy!

2 Responses to Harvesting Peace in 2015

  1. Carolyn Mandelker

    I’m so glad! We have such wonderful people in our community and I’m happy to share what we’re doing! I also want to shout out to Anna Weinstein who has works with me to develop and write for the blog! Hooray Anna!

  2. Well, I’ll be! It’s been a long time since I clicked on the link to your website, Carolyn. I was captivated this morning and spent much more time there than I intended! What a treasure of information and inspiration. I’m placing the link onto my toolbar so I remind myself to check in. It’s so important to for us out here to have a connection to you and to what’s happening world-wide. A huge thanks and hug.

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