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Can you suggest films for Shambhala Film Soirées?

I am inspired to start a Shambhala Film Soirée tradition in my home over the winter, inviting people to eat and drink together, and watch films that spark conversation about Shambhala vision. They can either communicate Shambhala principles directly, or sometimes expose setting sun mentality in an insightful way.  I would love it if you could suggest movies that you have been particularly impressed by!

I’ll start us off with a few of my favourites. Please add to the list by posting in the comments field below.

The Lives of Others (German: “Das Leben der Anderen” with English subtitles):  This movie does both.  It illustrates, very powerfully, the transformation that human beings are capable of when basic goodness is experienced.  Set in East Berlin.
Bagdad Café (also known as Out of Rosenheim) is a 1987 German film directed by Percy Adlon.
Babette’s Feast (DanishBabettes gæstebud) is a 1987 Danish drama film directed by Gabriel Axel.

“When you sat in meditation, you taught the mountains stillness…”

I was so moved to watch this video of Francesca Fremantle, offering one of the poems she wrote about Trungpa Rinpoche. She offered it at the recent Awake in the World festival in London—marking fifty years since Trungpa Rinpoche came to the West.  For those of you who don’t know her, Francesca is a very early student of Trungpa Rinpoche, who worked with him on translating The Tibetan Book of the Dead.  Enjoy…

(Video courtesy of President Reoch)


Sally Larrick – Goodness Woven Right In

Another community artist is Sally Larrick – some of you may know her as the administrative assistant at the Atlanta Shambhala Center, but she is also a professional textile designer, artist, and weaver. She talked to Anna Weinstein about her passion for textiles and weaving, in this short video interview:

Basic Goodness ShawlAs she says in the video, she always offers a handwoven meditation shawl for the annual Family Camp auction at Karme Choling, and I’m delighted that she has also offered one for our Shambhala Maha Auction. With each pass of the shuttle, she recited the Proclamation of Goodness, line by line. So it really has goodness woven into the fabric!!!

Dan Glenn and a musical WORLD PREMIERE!

Cover art by Shambhalian Jeff Wigman.

Cover art by Shambhalian Jeff Wigman.

Another of the amazing jewels shining in the Shambhala Maha Auction is none other than the Executive Director of the Boston Shambhala Center, Dan Glenn. He’s not only a full-time centre director – he’s also a fantastic musician and songwriter on the verge of releasing his second album of original music, You Dream of Kingdoms. I had the opportunity to interview him today – if you listen carefully, you might get special insider hints on where to compose music if you live at a land centre! Listen here:


Dan is releasing “Strange Good World”, the first single from his new album, You Dream of Kingdoms, this month and is sharing it with you, Shambhala, first!  I am honoured that my blog can host such a special event! Click below to enjoy this never-before-heard recording and stay tuned for the release of the album in early 2014.


And if you live within four hours of Boston, you could have Dan as the featured entertainment for your very own party – he has generously offered an evening of his live musical stylings as an item that you can bid on in the Maha Auction. Don’t miss the opportunity to host your friends for an unforgettable evening. Make sure to visit his personal website for more information about his music and inspiration!

The Art and Calligraphy of Yeachin Tsai

I am always amazed to discover that the Shambhalians I have known for years have a wealth of talents that I somehow have never encountered. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about the Shambhala Maha Auction – it’s a real showcase of the talents and richness within our community.

Yeachin TsaiOne of these fabulously multi-talented Shambhalians is Yeachin Tsai, who not only translates our Shambhala teachings and communications into Chinese for our Chinese-speaking sangha but is also a gifted artist and calligrapher. I had the opportunity to interview her this afternoon about her art, and her life – you can listen to it here:


Middle Way

She has generously donated a beautiful original calligraphy to our auction, of the Chinese semi-cursive for “Middle Way.” This signed calligraphy is on auction until Sunday evening! has Yeachin’s paintings and focuses more on her calligraphies. You can also email her directly if you’d like to communicate with her personally.